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Cyber Security Solutions

İhtiyaçlarınıza özgü anlamlı çözümler yaratmak için yeteneklerimiz ile yeni ürünler ve hizmetler geliştiriyoruz.​

Our Services

We develop new products and services with our capabilities to create meaningful solutions specific to your needs.


We ensure that the optimum solution is put forward by carrying out joint studies with a systematic approach for the solution of problems specific to your institution Read More

Maturity Assessment

We analyze different points of existing structure from technology to people, from processes to the value of data, from organizational structure and responsibilities to supply chain security. Read More

Cyber Security Project Management

Cyber Security is a complex sector that affects a lot of technology both horizontally and vertically, and there is no single truth. However, it is quite possible to reach the targeted maturity level with correct planning and a roadmap. Read More

Cyber Security for Automotive Industry

UN R155 and UN R156, which will be implemented in new types of vehicles as of 2022 and in the entire automotive sector as of 2024, will be deeply affected the automotive sector... Read More


Different trainings under the umbrella of Cyber Security and Project management are coordinated on behalf of your organization, and in a timely manner. Read More


Sector analysis is made to meet all kinds of Cyber Security-themed needs, possible solution providers are evaluated, and your institution is provided with benefits by the management and coordination... Read More

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